Discovering the mysteries of Saturn’s Hexagon

  Thirty years ago  it was noticed for the first time a peculiar hexagonal cloud pattern around the north polar vortex of Saturn planet. Now the Planetary Sciences Group researchers of the UPV/EHU, after studying and measuring the phenomenon from the Earth using astronomical cameras, have managed to establish its rotation period. This period could […]

Free APP GRP Storyteller from University of Bordeaux

We’re honoured to introduce you the last technological resource by the University of Bourdeaux: the new Free APP GRP Storyteller, based on the Business Model developed by the IRGO Learning Research group from Entrepreneuriat Campus Aquitaine. This innovative tool allows the entrepreneur to tell briefly about his  business and its advantages versus the competitors’. For […]

The BCAM received the “Severo Ochoa” Excellence award

Congratulations to the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics BCAM, awarded with the Excellence Award Severo Ochoa. This recognition and accreditation means that each research institute will receive 1 million euro per year to support its scientific work. It was announced yesterday by Carmen Vela, the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, during the […]

IKD Gazte 2014 Presentation

A new IKD Gazte module is under way, whose guidelines for this new course are the development and improvement of the social and professional different aspects of the participants. The aim is to enhance the curriculum, not just with studies but also with personal skills that may be relevant to the employing companies. In fact, […]

Alcon Research Excellence Award in Glaucoma 2014

Last Friday March 14th , during the National Congress of Glaucoma held in Murcia, the Alcon Research Excellence Award in Glaucoma 2014 was given to the group of Experimental Neuro-Ophthalmo-Biology of the UPV/EHU, recognized by the Basque Government. This experimental group is part of the Carlos III RETICS Institute of Eye Diseases Centers network. Prof. […]

Mapping Ignorance renews its style

Spring is coming and it is time for change for Mappingignorance: a new look for its website. To stay innovative and updated, not only for its content but also for its design, the website appears more dynamic, intuitive, interactive and light, making you feel more delighted while navigating the latest scientific and technological discoveries.

All the Numbers of Sinnergiak Social Innovation (UPV/EHU) 2013

Over 80.000 kilometers travelled during 2013, thanks to collaborations with America and Europe. 10 projects underway, amongst them Transcreativa, a European project focused on boosting employment for young people in the  cultural and creative industries’ sector. It facilitates the cooperation of  more than 50 organisations (like Tecnalia and  Innobasque) and there have been more than […]

UPV/EHU consolidates the Euskampus project for the second consecutive year

An International Commission appointed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports granted the maximum qualification, for the second consecutive year, to the progress developed by the joint initiative formed by the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, DIPC and Tecnalia, in the development of the EUSKAMPUS International Campus of Excellence. Thus, the EUSKAMPUS project […]